Red Calligraphy

The Red Calligraphy hat was specially designed and made by Odette & Elliott for a dazzling performance in Trafalgar Square, London by Legend, a band from Shanghai, led by Simon Ma, international artist, lead vocalist and drummer.  

Red Calligraphy was worn by Kelly, the lead female vocalist.  The brim is made of a transparent Perspex in deep red, laser-cut and melted to replicate the effect of wet ink fresh from Simon's elegant brush stroke in his powerful ink artwork.

Live images of Kelly adorned with the Red Calligraphy hat were dramatically projected onto giant screens in Trafalgar Square.
Under the effect of stage lights, the Red Calligraphy hat radiated shocking pink, and then intense orange, one moment opaque and another see-through. Mesmerising and dramatic. 
Simon Ma, international artist and performer, has exhibited his ink art and sculptural installations internationally including at the Venice Biennale.