Mars Red Movement

The Mars Red Movement Collection is inspired by the volcanoes of Mars. 

With their structural asymmetry and intense fluorescent burnt orange tint, these headpieces evoke highly fluid lava flows and the vivid colours of the parched volcanic landscape of Mars.  It is as if they have been forged on Olympus Mons, the largest volcano of the solar system on Mars, a barren structure of fire and dust. 

Light-gathering Perspex and the melting shadows that it creates under light is breathtakingly mesmerising. In Perspex, there can be fluidity of movement.

Couture millinery and millinery generally is dominated by themes revolving around flowers, bows and feathers. In contrast, this Collection brings the distant red hues of Mars, formed by the surface of iron oxide dusting, back to Earth.   

The Mars Red Movement Collection represents a very different kind of couture headpieces - original, ultra modern, uber-cool and sophisticated in the extreme.  Once erupted, the movement is unstoppable.