About Us

Odette & Elliott specialises in couture millinery handcrafted in London, England. 

We create sophisticated yet contemporary couture hats and headpieces which celebrate the craftsmanship of couture and delight our senses but which also form part of contemporary fashion and fit into our modern lifestyles, be it:

-   Sunday lunch in the company of good friends at a gourmet restaurant
-   an indulgent afternoon tea with a whimsical theme
-   stepping out to see an exhibition at an art gallery
-   relaxing and taking in the spectacle rink-side at London's most beautiful outdoor ice-skating rinks with a glass of mulled wine
-   an evening at the opera
-   sipping cocktails at an artfully social bar where paintings and potions meet, or
-   just turning up to a debate on issues of the day led by a panel of distinguished and highly intelligent speakers.

There is life in millinery beyond the races and the weddings...